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Dr. Wolfe's Product Testimonials

"Dr. Wolfe's Aloe Vera Oral Gel is the best I have found. I absolutely love it, and use it for many things; my mouth, face, and things that nead a healing touch on my body. It is a product that I don't want to be without. Thank you Dr. Wolfe for making it available."

Carma Ricketts
Los Alamos, New Mexico

"Thank for the Crystal Clarity. We are really loving the crystals. We just put 1 teasp in our water bottles and just drink it all day. Also, whenever we have a tight muscle or pain in our muscle, we rub on the Body Therapy Gel, and within minutes the pain is completely gone. We love your products and will continue to order and share the good news. Your technology is a blessing, and we are grateful."

Susie Dailey
Portland, Oregon

"Your heating cream really knocked my shoulder pain down after an injury and let me sleep."

Ellen Tadd
Boston, Mass

"Recently I went to the dentist to get a filling. I had gotten one before and thought as long as I didn't get metal it was fine. NOT TRUE! By the next day, I was so sick! Brain fog, nauseous, really out of it. I have Lyme and had felt this before, but I wasn't sure what had brought it on. Gratefully, Dr. Wolfe fit me in, and after testing said that the material put in my mouth wasn't compatible, my meridian was blocked and it was basically poisoning me. Dr. Wolfe removed the filling and replaced it with one he tested on me. I am doing so much better! By that evening I could think again, my brain was clearer and I felt like myself. It amazes me what a huge affect our teeth have on our overall health and well being. Also, I felt heard, respected, and accepted with Dr. Wolfe. My appointment with him was like night and day different from the other dentist. Thank you, Dr. Wolfe."

Ali Straw
Albuquerque, New Mexico

"I've been using your products for a week or so, and they have definitely helped. I now can more leisurely work on my overall health, and spine alignment, before attending to the occlusion issue. I would have been smarter to contact you sooner, but at least I can now prevent things from getting much worse.

Thanks again,"

Los Angeles

Dr. Wolfe's Happy Skin Corrective Serum
"I've used dozens of name-brand skin care product on my sensitive and aging skin over the years with little satisfaction. I've never found any product as effective as Dr. Wolfe's Happy Skin Corrective Serum. After using this serum for a week, I noticed a difference, especially around my eyes and laugh lines. After two months, the lines continue to fade. Am I getting younger? I've dumped all the other serums and creams that clog my skin, promise much and deliver little. I look forward to pampering my skin with Dr. Wolfe's Happy Skin Corrective Serum every morning and night."

Dr. Wolfe's Energetic Healthcare Facial Lift
"I tried Dr. Wolfe's Energetic Healthcare Facial Lift on half my face and saw the difference immediately. Every time I use it, I go a bit further... over my neck and décolletage. Now I want to use it all over my body! It's fun to use and the results are remarkable. I'm buying Dr. Wolfe's Energetic Healthcare Facial Lift for my friends for Christmas and birthdays so they can look as young as I do."

Skin Care Products General
"I know I am taking care of my skin when I Use Dr. Wolfe's healing and energetic skin care products. Dr.'s Wolfe's Happy Skin care products make my skin feel happy. My face feels clean, smooth, and younger."

Aloe Vera Oral Gel
"I've been using Dr. Wolfe's Aloe Vera Oral Gel for 16 years and continue to be astounded by how quickly my gums and mouth heal. Recently I used Dr. Wolfe's Aloe Vera Oral Gel several times a day after an extraction. The healing was rapid and after 2 weeks it looked and felt like it had been more than a month since the extraction. Every time I run out of Dr. Wolfe's Aloe Vera Gel, I'm always disappointed by other dental product that claims to be soothing or healing. Now I always keep a supply of Dr. Wolfe's Aloe Vera Oral Gel to heal even the slighted mouth, gum, or tongue irritation."

Jane F. Lee, Ed.D.
Los Angeles, CA

"It is without reservation that I recommend Dr. Wolfe's "Good Energy" product line which has a special healing focus for both patients suffering from Lyme Disease, as well as chronic heavy metal neurologic and immunotoxicity. After working in Neurologic critical care ICU's for over 22 years as a neurosurgeon and neuroscientist, and in office practice treating neuroborreliosis and neurotoxic states at their deep core levels, I have found Dr. Wolfe's combination homeopathic/energetic formulas to be valuable adjunctive treatments which are both safe and effective. His 30+ years as a mercury free biological dentist and naturopath, as well as master energy worker and creator of energized homeopathics, have provided for a deep understanding on his part of the remedies needed to effectively and safely manage our modern day epidemic Disease states."

Pamela J. Costello, MD, PhD Holistic Neurological Surgery
8324 Constitution Pl. NE, Ste. B
Albuquerque, NM 87110

Happy Skin Corrective Serum: Better than Lancolm!
"I tried Dr. Wolfe's Happy Skin Corrective Serum. I'd been using Genifique, a Lancolm serum applied under moisturizer to even skin tone, reduce redness, puffiness and shrink pores for a smooth youthful appearance to the skin.

At first use I thought Dr. Wolfe's product was every bit as good but after continued use I realize it actually is even more effective. And I trust that he would not allow harmful chemicals, nano particles (used in many skin care products today) or GMO ingredients in his products.

If you have the type of skin issues mentioned above you'll appreciate the immediate results. I do."

"I am a new patient of Dr. Bill Wolfe. Aside from dentistry work which was much needed, I have also developed arthritis in my right ankle and right index finger that also formed a bubble of fluid in both places. During the past few months I purchased creams from a natural food store and a German homeopathic cream sold by an Albuquerque firm. Neither of these products reduced the fluid bubbles nor the arthritis pain. During one of my appointments with Dr. Wolfe, he gave me a product called Body Therapy Cream. Within two weeks of use both bubbles of fluid disappeared. I use the cream twice a day. All of the pain associated with the arthritis has disappeared. I feel fortunate that Dr. Wolfe and I have crossed paths in life."

Greg Quevillon
Santa Fe, NM

"It is such an honor to be a patient of Dr. Wolfe's. At age 45, I am finally strong enough to address and heal what seems a lifetime of dental/TMJ issues. Splint therapy has been tremendous in offering support and relief. An extraction of a root canal that was done long ago and far away when I was 7 has been by far the most liberating and therapeutic procedure thus far. I am so grateful to fully resonate with the various homeopathic products Dr. Wolfe creates and offers. It is also a pleasure to have the best recommendations from Gwen his receptionist for the most conducive bodyworkers to assist in conjunction with all the dental work in aligning me with my highest health potential. It is quite easy to breathe and know that all is truly well on this journey and also to know that Dr. Wolfe presenting in my life is indeed a divine appointment! My outer smile is congruent to my inner smile now, and for this, my radiant joy and gratitude is genuinely real. I feel blessed to be in such professional care indeed."

Farmington, NM

"While visiting a family member on vacation I was very tired and lethargic. She introduced to me a product called Crystal Clarity. I voiced to her that I didn't want to feel jittery. She then let me know what the product is and how it would benefit me. I tried it that day as advised 1/2 teaspoon, I did feel better almost immediately, I was still skeptical BUT after 5 days of taking the Crystal Clarity I called to purchase and take back home to Las Vegas NV and I am going spread word of CRYSTAL CLARITY."

Las Vegas, NV

"I just wanted to let you know that the morning after you removed all the mercury from my mouth, for the first time in YEARS I was able to get out of bed without pain and without holding onto the bedpost because I was afraid my legs would give out on me. Amazing!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you."

Albuquerque, New Mexico

"I'm experiencing a rapid change...!! You fit me with the splint to adjust my bite yesterday afternoon and this morning I woke up to find my skull is a very different shape. It's more full, round and smooth, as though I had a cranial adjustment from a master. My energy seems better too and I'm a much stronger swimmer than I was just a day ago. I feel in balance and I even think that I'm seeing with more clarity and improved peripheral vision. This is in under 24 hours.

I'm hoping for a synergistic effect once the mercury fillings have all been removed! Thank -you!!!"

Albuquerque, New Mexico

"I wanted to let you know that I used the Body Therapy Cream on the bottom of my foot, on the top of my foot and on the big toe joint—like you suggested. And guess what? By Saturday afternoon, there is only the slightest little bit of soreness left! Thank you.

I used all the products exactly as the instructions outlined. I used them a few more times than recommended. It's true that the last few days I was a little neglectful, but I'm consistently back on the protocol again and will continue to stay consistent. Thank you for your patience with me."

Las Cruces, New Mexico

Pain Cream Testimonial

"I have to thank you for your incredible products — Lee fell off a ladder and dislocated his collar bone. I slipped on ice and smacked into a pine tree and cracked 3 ribs. Your body therapy cream has been the thing that keeps us going! Truly amazing!"

Brit Elders
Asst to Shirley MacLaine

Root Canal Teeth

"Just wanted to thank you again for your special care. The cream is amazing, I put it on at night and I sleep like a baby! After the homeopathic injections into my root canal, I felt relaxed immediately and my neck has continued to feel unlocked since then. This is quite a relief for me having lived with spasmotic torticollis for many years."

Lydia Sckalor, RN

Crystal Clarity MSM

"When I find myself completely overwhelmed and incapacitated....it is your crystals that help me stop crying and get up and keep going....Thank you."

Jan Chandi
Ft. Worth, Texas

"Over the last twelve months I have had an increasing problem with arthritis in both my elbow joints. This has been getting more noticable over the last month or so.

Recently I have received a tube of Dr Wolfe's "Body Therapy Cream" and I have been applying it to both elbow joints. I have been doing this for about two weeks and I can already notice a reduction in the pain from the joints. This has worked so well for me that I am happy to recommend the product to any people suffering from the onset of arthritis."

Mike Feisst
Cambridge New Zealand

"I am writing to say how pleased I am with your product, Aloe Vera Oral Gel. I had two teeth that had receding gums and were extremely sensitive. I had used every brand of sensitive tooth paste for years and Gel-Kam with no luck. I started using the Aloe Vera Oral Gel at each brushing and within two months, my gums feel great and ALL sensitivity is gone. I still can't believe that years of sensitivity just vanished! Thanks for making products that really work."

Vanessa Angel
Santa Fe

"I thank you for the opportunity to use this product. It has taken me a while to send the email testimony, but I wanted to see how it worked over time.

I do like the product and I especially like the fact that it stays warm for a much longer time, which allows more healing to take place in the muscle or joint.

Nothing is instant in joint pain and muscle tension, you know.

Thanks again."

S.M. Lindsay
Santa Fe, New Mexico

Heating Cream

"I have been using the Heating Cream for Joint & Muscle Discomfort for several months intermittently. I like the formula in OTC because it stays warm on location much longer than any product I have tried. I like the quick muscle response I receive from this product that allows my body to move about with less to no pain. I would recommend this product to anyone who suffers from muscle and joint pain and discomfort."

Rio Rancho, NM

"Recently I have discovered Dr. Wolfe's OTC Pain Relieving Cream. This formulation of topical analgesic ingredients has been a most wonderful discovery for treating my discomfort. As a physician, I highly recommend this formulation that Dr. Wolfe has created. Keep it with you for relief of chronic issues, muscle, joint, aches and pains, or even discomfort while traveling! TRY IT! I write this with the most sincere endorsement of Dr. Wolfe's product."

Michele A. Moro, MD, MPH, CHt
Albuquerque, New Mexico

"I have tried a number of other enzymes, but the Digest enzymes you have formulated are GREAT."

Thank you,

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Heating Cream Testimonial

"Dr. Wolfe, Your pain relieving /healing cream is very effective. I developed a right rotator cuff bursitis/impingement with pain while lifting weights—20LBS with reps. I applied the cream nightly for 3 nights—directly massaging the cream into the rotator cuff muscles of my right shoulder. I have complete relief.

Thank you,"

Bert A. Lies Jr., M.D.
Orthopaedic Surgeon
Santa Fe, New Mexico

Energized Toothpaste and Mouthrinse for Pets Testimonial

"I am a fan of your Energized Mouth Rinse and Energized Toothpaste not only for me, but also for my dogs. I put some of the energized Mouth Rinse in a spray bottle and spray their gums and teeth in the morning. At night they get their teeth brushed with the energized Toothpaste."

TMJ Treatment Testimonial

Aloe Vera Gel Testimony

"We recently experienced our 2 1/2 year old grandson getting a 2nd and 3rd degree burn from a pan of boiling water. His face, shoulder and hand were involved. The burn center sent us home with ointments and instructions which we faithfully did. After the new skin cells developed we started using Dr. Wolfe's aloe and cool energy gel. The two gels have made a huge difference in the healing process. If we accidentally skip a day the redness returns to the areas. Thanks Dr. Wolfe, once again you have helped us!"

Jan Lane
Amarillo, Texas

Happy Skin Testimonial

"People tell me I look happy or they'll say I look well-rested. It's because I don't have big bags under my eyes anymore. Dr. Wolfe's Happy Skin Corrective Serum and his Enzyme Rejuvenation Cream gave me immediate results.

I look in the mirror and start laughing.... I'm 64; I don't need to look this good, yet it's so much fun.

I used to approach the mirror and open my mouth as wide as I could and stare at how great my teeth looked after Dr. Wolfe removed all my mercury-infested fillings; now I stare under my eyes at where the bags are gone.

I'm so fortunate to have met Dr. Wolfe and his mother, who at 93, still looks like a movie star."

Jeanette Anderson

"Having lived in New Mexico for 56 years and continuously being exposed to our 300 plus days of sunshine annually, my skin has suffered the consequences of the damages caused by this exposure. Moisturizers, creams and ointments have given me limited relief and most have attributed to the ongoing dryness and irritation I experience. I have tried Dr. Wolfe's Happy Skin rejuvenation cream and corrective serum for the past three months and believe the combination of the two has eliminated about 85% of the dryness and irritation, without leaving a greasy, oily residual a lot of other creams seem to have. I would highly recommend any of the products under the Dr Wolfe Energy Technology company."

James Whitson
Financial Advisor
Design Concepts and Solutions
Albuquerque, New Mexico

"I've always been skeptical of “miracle cures” and products that promise but do not deliver. Your pain relieving cream is the real deal. I've had pain in my neck for months and the only thing that works is this product. Instant relief and it does not smell like a locker room, medicine cabinet, or nursing home. Highly recommend."

Dave Schlanger, MSgt, USAF

"I have been using Dr. Wolfe's pain relieving cream at night for the pain in my hip. The cream is a miracle. The pain goes away and I can sleep. Also stops my restless legs."

Neoma Love-Milloy
New Mexico

"I have been allergic to sulphur products for many years and avoided sulphur and sulfates altogether. I suffered from swelling around my eyes and head along with terrific headaches when subjected to anything I knew as sulphur. I have tried other products that to my knowledge was pure sulphur with no results. However, after my introduction to the Crystal Clarity product I decided to try again. I am happy to report that I have been taking this product for about 6 months with great success. Not only is it supplying the mineral I needed, but it acts very quickly to recharge my whole being and eliminate arthritic pain in my knees.

Thank you for this product! I would strongly urge others to try it."

Rio Rancho, NM