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Weberneedle Endolaser

  • Weberneedle Endolaser
  • Weberneedle Endolaser application
  • Weberneedle Endolaser cathether application
  • Weberneedle Endolaser intravenous application
  • One Weber Laser - Many Applications
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Weberneedle Endolaser - The approved market leader for internal laser therapy

Device for the intravenous laser irradiation of blood and internal laser therapy

  • The world's first certified system for intravenous, interstitial, intra-articular laser therapy
  • Combination of red, green, blue and infrared lasers
  • Worldwide innovation: yellow laser for treatment of depression and use in photodynamic therapy
  • Up to 12 independently programmable laser channels
  • All frequencies available
  • Patented Weberneedle cathether technology for systemic and interstitial (direct intratumoral application) photodynamic therapy
  • Local photodynamic therapy for treatment of skin diseases
  • Dental and oral cavities treatments
  • Weight loss laser treatment
  • Also suitable for intra-articular treatment of advanced osteoarthritis (knee and shoulder joints) and interstitial treatment of spinal syndromes with Weberneedle catheter technique
  • Supportive care in cancer patients with systemic photodynamic therapy using a newly developed derivative of chlorophyll as a laser absorber 
  • classic irrqadiation of blood with 5mW laser for immune system enhancement, diabetes, chronic liver & kidney diseases, metabolism, coronary heart disease, depression, burn-out, CFS, fibromyalgia,chronic infections, MS, etc.) 

Advantages of medical laser therapy

  • No side effects
  • No risk of infection
  • Well-suited for pain-sensitive patients and children
  • Excellent results clinically proven
  • Fast and efficient

Application Areas


Technical Data

  • Digital "Weberneedle" Endolaser control unit, intravascular laser irradiation of blood with 5mW infrared (810 nm), red (632 nm), green (532 nm) or blue (405 nm) laser
  • Up to 12 freely selectable channels for colors
  • Incl. 8 Weberneedle laser catheter
  • Incl. 4 Weberneedle Butterfly
  • Incl. 4 Vasofix Braunülen
  • Each unit is equipped with a laser warning label, a manual and a medical book.
  • Height 16.40 cm (6.46 in)
  • Width (with handle) 60.50 cm (17.70 in)
  • Width (without handle) 40.00 cm (15.75 in)
  • Depth (front to back) 30.00 cm (11.80 in)
  • Control unit weight: 7,50 kg (16.50 lb)
  • Power input: 85-265V - 1.0A, 47/63Hz
  • Electrical Class: Class 1
  • Electric Type: Type B
  • Laser Class: 3B
  • Red light: 5 mW, 658 nm
  • Infrared light: 5 mW, 810 nm
  • Green light: 5 mW, 532 nm
  • Blue light: 5 mW, 405 nm

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